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“North Queensland is blessed with rich natural resources, a spectacular environment and thousands of incredible people with brilliant ideas. Let’s remove the shackles on our economy and grow our future. Let’s move beyond our politically neglected past. I believe Leichhardt deserves fresh energetic representation, someone who can get things done. I am committed to putting it all on the line, so a vote for me is a vote for the North.”

Daniel McCarthy is the man for the job.

A strong advocate for the Far North over the past 20 years, he has dedicated much of his free time to marine industry organization’s including a decade as President of the Cairns Professional Game Fishing Association and chairman of the Cairns Game Fishing Hall of Fame. Dan has also been a member Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Tourism and Recreational Advisory Committee.

Dan settled in Cairns aged 13 with his parents and three siblings in 1985 after having lived in three different countries where his father served with the Australian Defence Force.

After completing school at St Augustine's college in Cairns, Mr McCarthy started work the following day on the Cairns slipway then worked as a commercial fisherman and a charter boat deckhand. He spent five years working for the Fisheries Department conducting surveillance, enforcement, patrolling rivers, the reef, Peninsula and the Gulf of Carpentaria. Daniel has spent the last 33 years working in various marine industries in Cairns, on the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea.

He is a great advocate for North Queenslanders, growing our economy and employment, building prosperity for all and preserving our way of life.

Mr McCarthy recently spent a week in Canberra where he was instrumental in convincing the full cross-bench of 11 senators to support the government over zoning amendments for the Coral Sea for a much better balance of sustainable use and appropriate environmental protections.

Get our fair share of funding for roads, infrastructure, health & education.

Our 10 Point Plan

My team, with your support and working with the Katters Australian Party have a 10 point plan.

Every item on this list is a priority.

1. Electricity costs

Deliver a competitive, subsidy free market to lower prices and eliminate GST on bills.

2. Insurance costs

Put a STOP to insurance premium price gouging in North Queensland.

3. Crime

Allow judges to use relocation sentencing to deal with youth offenders.

4. Health

Upgrade Cairns Hospital funding to tertiary status.

5. Safety

Deliver the KAP Safer Waterways Bill to reduce Crocodile numbers.

6. Sea port, Defence & Immigration

Dredge the Port of Cairns & amend the Reef 2050 plan for the ports future. Expand HMAS Cairns and increase border protection for defence, immigration, resources and health in the Torres Strait.

7. Roads

Fund infrastructure to relieve congestion by extending the National highway to Smithfield. Seal the 234 kms left of the Peninsula Development Road. Lower the cost of road freight via subsidies and triple road trains to Cape York. Build a bridge over the Jardine River.

8. Water Security

Lead the fight for the Nullinga Dam and other new dams to open agricultural land on Cape York.

9. Land Security

Secure land titles so indigenous people can establish business and improve their futures.

10. Great Barrier Reef Protection

Restore integrity into science policy and research funding. Address issues of commercial and recreational fishing sectors to restore a better balance and repeal the unnecessary Vegetation Management Act.


Working People

  • Lead the fight against unfair trade deals that send jobs overseas.
  • Deliver the Banking Royal Commission findings.
  • Oppose cutting penalty rates.
  • Oppose temporary work visas to stop foreigners taking Australian jobs.
  • Support taxi drivers in their fight against rideshare operators.
  • Ban the sale of fake 'indigenous' style art.
  • Small Business

  • End the bureaucratic red-tape which strangles small business owners.
  • Lead the fight against the Coles and Woolworths duopoly.
  • Lead the fight against predatory trade practices from multinational corporations.
  • Champion ‘local buy’ in state and federal government procurement.
  • Support creating a government owned bank to back small business and to create banking competition.
  • Support the compensation claim of taxi owners against the Queensland Government for legalising ridesharing and destroying their livelihoods.
  • Our Farmers

  • Repeal the vegetation management legislation.
  • Oppose the ending of the live cattle and sheep trade.
  • Lead the charge for a Reconstruction and Development Board (ARDB), to take over eligible bad debt from commercial banks at discounted value and offer farmers refinancing at interest rates lower than commercial lenders.
  • Reduce electricity costs & sky rocketing insurance prices.

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    Better represent our pensioners, retirees and veterans.

    Contact :
    Daniel McCarthy

    Phone: 07 4027 9507

    Email: Daniel.McCarthy@kap.org.au